terms and conditions

Atlas Trading Assistant (ATA) is a service for monitoring cryptocurrency market. Using this service by you, signifies that you agree to the following terms of use in this page.

  • 1. ATA is a tool for monitoring cryptocurrency market and there won't be any request for asking your account information on exchanges from us.
  • 2. ATA is not a place for buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  • 3. ATA's main job is to find matched trading strategies for different cryptocurrencies and report it to user. By knowing this fact, we do not provide any recommendation to buy or sell your assets.
  • 4. ATA does not provide any financial or investment consultation.
  • 5. ATA is not responsible for any kind of asset losses due to trading cryptocurrencies.
  • 6. We don't recommned any kind of exchange at all. We are not responsible for getting your account suspended.
  • 7. We have right to update or change the providing services without notifying users.
  • 8. We have complete right to do advertising in ATA platform.
  • 9. We do not approve or deny the validity of advertisements in ATA.
  • 10. If user forget his/her password and he/she had no access to the registered email, recovering ATA account will be possible by only passing through authentication process.
  • 11. ATA Trade Assistant reserves the right to alter, revise, modify, and/or change these Terms at any time. Users will be acknowledged if any changes take place. Changes to our terms will be sent to users by email.
  • 12. If we decide to stop this service for any reason, remaining days will refunded to the user with no right to protest.
  • 13. After purchasing your subscription, you can use the platform for 7 days for free. In case you find out you don’t need it, you can request a refund. The refund request can be submitted only through our ticketing system. Remember that, upon finishing your 7 days period, your purchase considers final; it means you are satisfied with our service. After the 8th day, you cannot request a refund.
  • 14. If maintenance time takes over 12 hours, 1 day will be added to the user's remaining days.
  • 15. If you request the refund in 7 days period since you ordered ATA, according to paragraph 13 of the terms of service, the paid amount will be refunded by us after 10 business days to your bank account.
  • 16. Dear user, you will be added to the ATA Discussion's Telegram Group approximately 8 days after completing the payment. Valuable trading content and highlights will be shared in this group. Beware that there will be no refund after joining the channel.
  • 17. Dear user, if you have made a purchase once and received your money back, if you make a second purchase and request a refund, your money will not be refunded, because in our opinion you are You are abusing our goodwill for 7 days of free use.