terms and conditions

Atlas Trading Assistant (ATA) is a service designed to monitor the cryptocurrency market. As a natural or legal person, please read all the terms and conditions stated in this paper carefully. The aim of these terms and conditions is to prevent scams and money laundering, and also to ensure the privacy of our users. There is no need to state that our ultimate goal is to provide our users with the best service possible. Therefore, accepting all these terms is necessary for using ATA:

  • 1. ATA is just a tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market, and it never asks for users’ personal information on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, never share your personal information on cryptocurrency exchanges with anyone.
  • 2. ATA is NOT an environment for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is just an analytical platform.
  • 3. ATA investigates the relevance of trading strategies for different cryptocurrencies and reports it to the users. Therefore, we never give a direct buy or sell signal to our users.
  • 4. ATA does NOT provide its users with financial or investment advice. It is just a data-driven platform for making better trading decisions.
  • 5. Since ATA does NOT generate any signals, users must know that, based on the fundamental rules of trading, they are responsible for their own trading decisions, and also the potential profits and losses.
  • 6. ATA does NOT suggest any cryptocurrency exchanges. It only takes its data from foreign cryptocurrency exchanges to help its users have better analyses. Therefore, ATA is NOT responsible for users’ accounts getting blocked in foreign cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • 7. ATA may go through updates in irregular intervals.
  • 8. ATA may contain advertisements to be able to cover the expenses.
  • 9. ATA makes a thorough investigation before accepting any advertisement, but since the advertiser’s activities may change so fast, ATA does NOT approve or disapprove any advertisement.
  • 10. In case you forget your password and do not have access to your email, you can only recover your account through the phone number you entered while registering. Therefore, take care of your account to the most possible extent.
  • 11. ATA may update its terms and conditions, but users will always get informed about the new terms through email.
  • 12. If this system stops for any reason, the subscription fee for the remaining days will be refunded to the users.
  • 13. After paying the subscription fee, you can use this service for free for 7 days. In case you were not satisfied with the service, you can take back the amount you have paid. To do so, you must send your request in the form of a ticket in the website’s online chat.
  • 14. The 7-day refund guaranty is only available for the users purchasing prepaid annual subscription plan (Hero365). Users purchasing other subscription plans, including special offers, cannot enjoy the 7-day refund guaranty.
  • 15. To provide our users with better service, if performing an update takes more than 12 hours, 24 hours are added to the users’ subscription periods.
  • 16. According to term 13, if you request a refund within 7 days of paying the subscription fee, it will be fulfilled after 10 working days.
  • 17. Users are added to ATA’s exclusive channel 8 days after paying the subscription fee. This channel contains valuable instructions and tips. Being added to the channel shows the end of your legal period for requesting a refund.
  • 18. If a user who has bought the service and used the refund option once buys it for the second time, he/she is NOT allowed to use the refund again since he/she has tested the service before.