29 Gap tutorial (Part 29)


In the twenty-ninth episode of the Atlas technical analysis training video series, you will get to know the types of chats. We are all familiar with the general concept of a gap in the price chart, and in general, we call the gap created between two candles a price gap. Gaps are usually created in the chart for various reasons, which we have mentioned fully in the video. But the concept of chat in price action goes beyond these and chats can create wonderful trading situations for us. Chats can be combined with other strategies, and combining them with strategies like Fibonacci can create areas with high potential for price return, which we will fully examine these trading strategies in the next videos. In order to be able to trade with chats, you must master them, and this requires a lot of practice on the chart. If you don't have the opportunity to do this, you don't have to worry because Ata can find all of these chats for you in a fraction of a second with one click.