24 Fibonacci corrective training (Part 24)


In the twenty-fourth episode of the Atlas technical analysis training video series, you will learn about the practical Fibonacci tool. In this video, we will examine the types of Fibonacci and the most important points of Fibonacci correction and how to draw it. In general, we use the retracement Fibonacci tool to measure the retracement of a moving wave. If we can recognize this correction correctly, we can benefit from good trading positions. To draw a retracement Fibonacci, we need a bottom and a ceiling so that we can draw the Fibonacci on the moving step of the price. In the video, you will fully learn how to draw Fibonacci retracement. In the next parts, you will get to know the types of Fibonacci and the attractive trading strategies that we can have with Fibonacci… To master the drawing and accurately recognize the corrective Fibonacci, you must practice arithmetic on the chart. If you don't have time to do this, you don't have to worry because ATA can find all of these fibos for you in a fraction of a second.