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Examining the importance of capital management without strategy

The importance of having capital management regardless of trading strategy These two robots each have capital management, each pair always risks a small percentage of the account, equal to 5 dollars. The first robot takes $5 profit for $5...

2023/12/18 . 04:31 Minute

Combination of 3 push divergence strategy with Fibonacci 61.8 and 50%

In this video, you will learn the combination of the three-push divergence strategy with Fibonacci 61.8 and 50%.

2023/12/18 . 05:51 Minute

Pumped currencies watch list

Pumped currencies watch list

2023/12/18 . 05:39 Minute

Backtest strategy 3 push+divergence+support/resistance or orderblock

We have examined the positions that had the three features of 3-push, divergence, support/resistance or orderblock in forex. In the one-minute time, it was 77% of win rate. We will give you all 200 charts below this post for...

2023/12/18 . 12:58 Minute

Combination of 3 push, divergence and organizational orderblock

In this video, you will get to know the three-layer hybrid strategy, divergence and organizational orderblock. This strategy has a very high win rate.

2023/12/18 . 05:53 Minute

How can your account never be zero?

How to manage capital and determine position size in transactions

2023/12/18 . 04:28 Minute

How to find a valid enterprise order block?

How to recognize valid organizational block orders

2023/12/18 . 06:46 Minute

Combination of Moving 200 and Fibonacci

In this video, we will teach the combination of moving 200 and Fibonacci

2023/12/18 . 12:00 Minute

Fractality of the trend structure change strategy

Fractality of the trend structure change strategy

2023/12/18 . 14:24 Minute

Changing the structure of the price trend in Periscope

How to set up a strategy to change the price structure

2023/12/18 . 15:10 Minute

Combination of pin bar with support and resistance areas in dynamics

How to set up a double bottom or double top strategy with a pin bar candle

2023/12/18 . 11:12 Minute

Combination of trend line break with pullback to support or resistance chart in dynamics

How to set trend line breakout strategy with pullback to support and resistance chart

2023/12/18 . 04:49 Minute